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What is The Glory Hub?

A Tent of Moed • A modern day Tent of Meeting

A tent of "what"?

Exodus 33 records Moses going into the Tent of Meeting and the pillar of cloud joining him and standing at the entrance while the Lord spoke to Moses face to face. The name, "Tent of Meeting" is translated from the Hebrew "ohel moed," which means "tent of appointed place" (or appointed time/appointed meeting). God makes appointments with man and He keeps them.

What is the Glory?

The Glory is not a feeling or a thing. The Glory is a person. The person of the Holy Spirit. It is the manifest presence of the person of God, He who is the Ancient of Days.

Our Vision

Our desire is to create a space where people can come to experience the Manifest Presence of God, and to create an atmosphere where the Person of God is invited to show up on His terms and with His program - His plans, His purposes.

No agendas • No programs • Just a place where we come to meet with God and He shows up too!

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