In the Beginning . . .

Wow! How did we get here?

One day in 2007, I was doing some soul searching while lying on my bed, and I thought I’d like to go into business for myself. I had just quit a job working for an international ministry (over-working) and considered, the biggest asset I brought to the job was me. Why couldn’t I put that same strength and determination into working for myself?

Probably about the same time, I was driving through a prestigious neighborhood here in Houston, taking in the large houses. I had lived most of my childhood in Latin America, and the homes here didn’t compare to the size of some I’d seen there. But across the street was the much larger country club building. “Now that,” I thought to myself, “was more like the size of the house I would want!”

Much to my amazement, the Holy Spirit spoke, almost audibly to me, “Give me what I want, and I’ll give you everything you’ve ever wanted.”

I was astounded.

Not because I heard God speaking to me, but because there was something God WANTED. That meant there was something He didn’t have. What could He possibly have want for?? So I simply asked Him, “What do you want?” Simple answer back – “Souls.”

Wow! That did and has continued to rock my world. Since then my cry has been, “Lord, show me how to give you souls!”

Very shortly after that encounter, I was invited to attended a Morris Cerullo meeting with my friend Mary. I had met Mary at the ministry job I had just left, and together we drove to Dallas to attend the event. Mary was a committed partner with Morris Cerullo World Evangelism, and though I was very familiar with him because of his popularity in Latin America, I had never attended one of his meetings. The meeting turned out to be life changing.